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Friday, July 02, 2004

The Question

The question I hear asked alot is, what about the long ages of Adam or Noah?

I have a theory on this. I believe once Adam mixed with mankind they became more ordered. I base this on Thermodynamics, when the state becomes more ordered entropy decreases.

Basically, if my room is filled with dirty clothes it will take more energy to clean it than if my room had only a few dirty clothes. My room with more dirty clothes is in a higher state of entropy(disordered) and my room with less dirty clothes is is in a state of lower entropy(ordered). This is just a quick explanation of entropy.

I believe that this explains the longer years and this is why they were more advanced. This is the advanced civilization that preceded us, that many cultures talk about and they were destroyed by the Divine Judgement of God. I think they were in a lower state of entropy than us and therefore in a more ordered state.

I then get asked, who did Adam mix with? I will give you the answer next week along with the post about Fractal Geometry and the 4th dimension.



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