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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Theory on Warp Drive

My theory is as follows:

It's simple in theory, first some theorize that a graviton appears as mass in our four-dimensional space time. The graviton is a massless particle that can travel from dimension to dimension. In some spaces the mass of a graviton = zero so if you could warp space to match the geometry of that space time where the graviton = zero, then you or the ship that you are piloting would have no mass and would be propelled at speeds faster than light. You would then be able to travel to another galaxy or dimension before your ship left the milky way. This would also have implications for time travel.

Say you wanted to go back to 1920, traveling through this warped space you could. This is because from the point of view of this warped space 1920 and 2006 happen at the same time or the same moment. It's like our space time is one moment. I use the analogy of a track meet. It's like we are the runners in our space time and we only see what's around us from moment to moment. A person sitting in the stand can watch the whole track from their point of view and this would be like the warped space. So, it actually wouldn't be time travel, it would be what I call space time travel where this space would actually propel you through imaginary time.

This is why I think that some of the UFO's that we see are time travelers or travelers from other dimensions. The reason why the pictures are blurry of these UFO'S is because they are warping the space that surrounds them and the picture gets distorted. This is also why they can disappear in an instant. They just warp the space around them to the point where we can't sense the spacecraft. In theory you could go back a few years and give your mother the lotto numbers. You would put on some kind of suit that warps space and you would be invisible. You could walk through the walls of your mothers house and whisper the numbers in her ear without being seen. Now, this wouldn't affect the worldine you are from, but a new worldine would branch off of our worldine and a new history where your mother hit the lotto would occur. I have some ideas about what could warp space and I will add them later.



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