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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A New Discovery in Genetics

The new study shows a wider variation between 10% of the human genes. So we were thought to be 99.9% alike and now they say we are more like 99% alike. Also, in each human the amount of these genes can vary because we produce various copies of the same gene. So you can have 5 copies of a gene and I can have 2. This is astounding because it's like each human has evolved seperately. This also has implications for diseases and mental health issues. Say you have 5 copies of a gene and I have 2 and you are very depressed and I'm very optimistic. When we learn to rewrite DNA we could erase those extra copies that are causing your depression. Say they find that these extra copies are causing cancer cells in your body. We can just rewrite the faulty DNA and replace it with the correct DNA and you would be cured.

This new discovery has implications for Quantum computing. This is a theory of mine that can be tested. Thermodynamics, information theory and chaos can all tie into this. I will start with an example, say you have a puzzle that has 2 pieces that's not in place. The puzzle is in an ordered state and there's a low information content that can be achieved so less energy input is needed when completing the puzzle. On the flip side, if the puzzle pieces are scattered all over the floor then it's in a less ordered state but the information that's available is much higher and it will take more energy imput to complete the puzzle. Say you go back 2000 years if my theory is correct there should be a greater gene variation between humans from that time period. That's because things like planes, cars and computers were not invented yet so they were in a less ordered state than we are but more information was present because the more chaos in a system means there's more information to be processed. This would show that are genes are actually behaving like a Quantum computer and constantly processing information. This would explain why there's a variation between each individual and this would also suggest that we are one. Many people in Spiritual circles have said we are one but we seem as though we are seperate. I think are genes are constantly computing. Also this is something to think about. Say we go back 2,000 years and there's a 30% variation between each human and now there's a 10% variation between each human. This would suggest that every thousand years we compute 10% of our information capacity. That would mean our species is 10,000 years old and we have 1,000 years before there's not any gene variation between humans. Maybe at this point we will transition from a type 0 to a type 1 civilization as theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talks about or we will reach an Omega Point that Frank Tipler suggest and a universal computer that can simulate all of the information that has existed in our universe. This is just an example, if we were to verify that humans had a wider gene variation 2,000 years ago then there is today. Then we can calculate the rate that we process our information capacity and we can even calculate when there will not be any gene variation between us.

I'm talking about entropy as it pertains to information theory or Shannon Entropy. Entropy when it comes to information always increases. Let me give you a couple of examples. Say you have the idea to build an airplane. The information available about the airplane is in a less ordered state because it hasn't been built. Over time the information processed about the plane increases and it advances to a more ordered state. This is an increase of entropy when it comes to information. Say you have a set of dice that you are about to roll. You have 12 possible outcomes so lets say there's 12 bits of information available. When you roll the dice and it lands on a 6 and a 1 then the entropy has increased from 12 to 0 and there's 0 bits because the uncertainty has decreased. So this is an excellent way to test intelligent design. If we were to go back 2000 years and find that the variation between genes was at 30% then we would know that we were designed to work as a vast Quantum Computer and are genes are actually processing information. We would go from 30% 2000 years ago to 10% today. We would be designed to go from a less ordered state to a more ordered state while we processed information. Now the thermodynamic entropy will actually decrease. So when you roll the dice the energy it takes to process the information will cause the entropy in biological systems to decrease and we know that the increase of information corresponds to the entropy in a biological system. This is what will make it so fascinating. Biological system are supposed to decrease and become less ordered over time, but if are genes were designed to actually process information and become more ordered over time that would show Intelligent Design. I think the Bible is correct in this. The Bible says that information will increase over time and that men will become more wicked. Think about it, as we process information and become more ordered man will become more primitive and chaotic as they become less ordered. We can see that in the world today with the beast(man) fighting against the increase of information. This is why Stephen Hawking said we will have to colonize other planets in order to survive and Dr. Michio Kaku says there's a 50/50 chance that we will be able to transition from a typ 0 to a type 1 civilazition. Look at the terrorist, they don't want us to advance because as information increases we are on a path to the most ordered state but at the same time entropy in biological systems are decreasing and mankind is becoming more wild and chaotic and someone like the leader of Iran or North Korea will pull the trigger on a nuclear weapon because the battle is between entropy. It's between Good and evil or Order and chaos.

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