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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Relatively Speaking

The universe is less than 6,000 years old. It's a case of universal time vs. relative time. The universe is billions of years old based on earth based time. To measure the age of the universe, we look back in time from our perspective of time. The Bible looks forward in time from the Creation, encompassing the entire universe.

This is why the Jewish Calendar starts with Adam. Thousands of years ago they realized that the six days in Genesis was longer periods of time from our perspective. The Bible says:

Remember the days of old(six days), consider the years of each generation(Adam) Deuteronomy 32:7

The Bible realizes the role the observer plays in the universe. There were no human observers before Adam, so Genesis 1 goes by the cosmic time of the universe relative to earth based time before an observer was Created on earth.

Where the mix up comes into play is when you try to age the earth according to our perception of time, which is temporal. In Genesis the Bible is talking about universal time of the whole universe.
Just think, the writer of Genesis recognized that earth based time didn't start until Adam.  This is astounding, so what he did was write the first chapter of Genesis from the perspective of the entire universe.  The earth is young relative to the entire universe.  The writer of Genesis knew this because he was led by the Spirit.

It's a million million to one ratio between the earth and cosmic time.  This is based on a million millionfold stretching of waves of radiation since the physical universe began.  So 120 million years in the time we experience would be one hour in cosmic time.  The kicker is, a million million divided by 15 billion is six days!
It's good to see science is starting to catch up to the Bible.


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