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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Thought and Creation: Part 1

Thought is what gave rise to the universe and it also manifest itself through us because we are Created in the Image of God. Think about it, thought of the computer came before the computer, thought of an airplane came before an airplane and thought of a train came before a train. So this shows that thought precedes reality. This also applies to the universe. The universe was a thought to God before it became manifest in reality. This is space, time and all matter in the universe. The laws of physics and the constants of nature are like blueprints to construct the universe that the Elohim Created in the Beginning. Thought is the primary mover behind the universe and the primary mover for us.

Quantum Theory talks about a non-local realm, which I call the memory field, that we are all interconnected to. Thought causes motion to occur or an energy flow, from steam engine to gasoline engine or from the computer to the internet. Modern science is finally catching up to ancient texts.

Look at an autisic-savant who can't learn, yet he is an expert in a certain field of mathematics. How does he know this if he can't learn? He knows this because he has tapped into the non-local memory field where are thoughts preside and we are all interconnected. So I can tap into this field and go to the Sand's with Frank Sinatra or live in a futuristic city like the Jetson's in my mind. I say this because it ties back into the autistic-savant. Say in his mind he just pitched the winning game in the world series and he is a baseball star. What would make his reality any less real than yours? The only thing that seperates the realities is the experience of the individual. So a reality can be built by a thought process. I submit thought is the Genesis of Creation.

The concept model of the universe is the model I think exceeds others. First, let's give a mathematical definition of a concept:
a concept is the characteristic of a set of concepts. A concept is defined as a function whose domain is a set of concepts that may or may not include the original concept.


Where A is the concept and Sa is its domain.

And if B is an element of Sa then,


Where T stands for the value True.

The characteristic function of the entire universe is the concept existence so,

E=X{U} and E(A)=T

So all concepts A in the Universe(U) are in the domain of E(Existence). But existence is a concept so,


The concept existence is a member of its own domain, so it can exist even if there is no other concept. So nothing can exists in the universe without existence. If everything else were to disappear then E could still be its own domain. See existence is a self generating concept.

Thought experiments:

1. Try defining existence without using the concept of existence.

2. Try to imagine a state where nothing exists. It is impossible and contradictory, since the concept existence is necessary to apprehend it.

So the elements of the domain of the concept = N, where N is any number.

A function has 3 elements: a domain, a range and a relation between them. So the single concept existence is really 3 concepts in one. So given a set of 3 concepts you get an unlimited amount of subsets.

So, 2/3-1=7 nonempty ones, a set of 7 concepts has 2/7 -1=127 nonempty subsets and a set of 127 concepts has 2/127-1 and so on. So from a single concept E(Existence), you get an expanding set of concepts. So all concepts in the universe are in the domain of E(Existence).

The Bible talks about this in Exodus 3:14

And God said unto Moses, IAM THAT IAM: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, IAM hath sent me unto you.

In Hebrew IAM is the word Hayah or the Existing One or the one who Exists.

So existence, exists necessarily.



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