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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thought and Creation: Part 2

First, let me give thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Now, I will discuss the Zero Point Field, Holographic Principle, Interference and Decoherence.

We will go step by step and then tie them all in together.

First, the ZPF. This is where reality exist. This is where all that is and all that will be exist. Werner Heisenburg and the Uncertainty implies a ground state field of energy that constantly interacts with subatomic matter. So at the bases of existence is a sea of quantum fields or quantum potential that manifest in the macroscopic. Physicist know about this field of energy and they subtract this energy through a process call renormalization. Some reasoned that because this zero point energy is always present then it doesn't count. That makes no sense, when physicist renormalize their equations it still describes the physical world but it's incomplete without factoring in the ZPF. To me this is the height of arrogance, here we have a field of energy that's greater than all the matter in the universe, and some discount it because it gets in the way.

The Bible is exactly right when it says, claiming themselves to be wise they became fools. Subtracting out this energy is like subtracting out the Spiritual Realm and then asking for evidence. The blind leading the blind. They say since this energy doesn't follow general relativity so it doesn't gravitate then it can't be physically real. This is what I mean by illogical assumptions. Why would the Spiritual Realm obey general relativity? Why would the Spiritual Realm have gravitation? Hear you have evidence of a non physical reality and what do they do? Subtract this reality out of the equations.

See each mode of the vaccum radiation field has an energy of hv/2, this would make the total energy of the vacuum infinite. See, even at absolute zero these quantum fluctuation are still present. So just think of a pendulum that is never at rest. This energy has also been confirmed by the Casimir effect. This non physical energy is a mathematical fact and many of the same people who know this have the nerve to ask us for evidence of the Spiritual realm. Here is an energy that's pervades the universe, that is within us, that's non physical and that's greater than everything in the universe combined. It is greater than the difference between a drop of water and all the earths oceans combined. Why is this? you may ask. It's because most of the people who study the sciences are reductionist. A reductionist tries to reduce everything to the physical. So consciousness along with everything can be reduced to matter or matter is the root cause of everything. Is this science? Is this exploration? It's like saying you are about to explore for oil but before you start you exclude Texas because you reason, I say reason for lack of a better word because this type of logic does a disservice to reason, you reason that there isn't any oil to be found there.

These people are stopping exploration before they began exploring. If it doesn't fit in there little reductionist box then they just erase it.

Next, is the holographic principle which asserts that all of the information contained in some region of space can be found as a hologram in the boundery within that region of space.

It also says, that the information on the boundary of the particular region of space should contain one degree of freedom per Planck area.

A Planck area is:

Lp=1.6 * 10-33 centimeters

Where Lp is Plancks length.

See we know the the information about a certain space(say your room) is not contained in the volume of space or the things in your room, but the 2 dimension surface area of your room. So your shadow could actually contain all the information in your body.

So this begs the question, could reality be embedded within space? This is where the evidence points to the chagrin of reductionist.

This leads us to interference waves. Think of a blurry picture out of focus, all the information about the picture is spread out throughout the blur of the picture. Within interferece waves all the information about the system is encoded within these patterns. Think of two pebbles dropped into a lake. When you drop the pebbles they will make waves and when the waves from the two pebbles combine an interference pattern occurs.

When an object goes from microscopic to macroscopic it decoheres. We know once decoherence begins the interference patterns seems gone but it is still present. Interference pattern are represented with (+/-), they are erased when decoherence sets in but the and operater still remains within the equations, so you get right "and" left, so the particle goes through both the right and left slits at the same time. With the observer you get the "or" operater which I will go into in part 3. So if you shoot electrons through one of the slits during a double slit experiment one at a time, a wave pattern will still occur even though the electrons are traveling through the slit seperately. In other words they still stay connected to the wave. This is wave/particle duality. So decoherence gives you the appearence of a particle state when in reality the waves holds the information.

Lets go back to the pebbles. See, when you drop the pebbles in the water the pebbles interact with the water at one point. So you have a one dimensional wave source, then the waves radiate out on the surface of the lake in two dimensions. The intersection of these waves forms a two dimensional pattern on the surface of the lake. Same with reality, a two dimensional wave source, say your shadow or a region of space, is then bathed in light and the waves radiate out into space in three dimensions. When these waves interefere a 3-D image forms in space. The retrieval of data from the two dimensional source is rapid. This has a bearing on memory which we will get into in part 3. A million bit page can be processed at one time. So these "bits" can produce the "it" that we see.



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